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Latest Posts

February 10
Default user photo
2012 Spring Meeting Minutes
Official minutes setting season rules

MASSA Southern League VISA

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June 2
Portsmouth (RI) High School Sailing photo
Video: End of season fun
A short look at a really fun season and put to music  

Portsmouth (RI) High School Sailing

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June 2
MASSA photo
Update: April 10, 2010
Latest news from MASSA


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Here's what others are saying...

May 03

Jennifer Sanford: VISA Sailors and Members fondly remember Ian Burgett, Nansemond Suffolk Academy senior and sailor. We will miss him!

5 years ago

Randy Stokes: Baker Qualifier NOR and SI's are posted under NEWS

5 years ago

February 01

Gareth Trollope: Welcome to our sailing community.

6 years ago